Why'd I make the app?

One day, I lost my keytags – and didn’t want to replace them for $10 each. On top of that, they were annoying, having to scan each one individually. I saw people using their phones for this, but it turned out to be just as annoying. The apps they used had one barcode and they’d have to swipe through multiple screen to scan them all in.

So I did a real quick prototype of this and it worked pretty well. It was crazy simple – just went to some barcode generator page online, made the ones I needed, put them into Paint Shop Pro and made an image. The staff at the Y loved it – way easier for them. So I figured if I loved it, they loved it – I’ll bet others would as well.

The first version was released mid-September 2015 and really did one thing – allowed you to create barcode and displayed them in a vertical orientation. While this was all I originally set out to do, I got suggestions on ways to make the app better.

So you hopefully have the app and like it. If you do – please support it by clicking an ad now and then. I know it may seem like a simple app, but I’ve invested quite a bit of time on it and do try to improve things where I can.

Thanks for taking the time to read this – I hope it provided you with some insight on the app and was somewhat entertaining.